Draining and regenerating cream.

Ultra regenerating and draining body cream for all skin that is sluggish or distressed. Particularly suitable for skin under stress, very sensitive, very dry, or damaged.

Rich and creamy, Ultra Rich Body is applied on the body in gentle massage to firm the skin, while revitalizing it in depth, including the most sensitive areas. Beyond its ultra regenerating and draining power, it is also a rich moisturizing body cream.

Ultra Body Cream is an exceptional cream by the natural substances that compose it and they have been chosen and assembled to offer a synergy of specially targeted actions.

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Firming and smoothing body cream, velvety and deeply draining.

Specially draining to help refine the silhouette by dislodging cellulite. Applies regularly on the body areas to stimulate, firm, refine, drain : arms, shoulders, feet, legs, thighs, hips, buttocks, belly … preferably daily, in gentle and prolonged massages.

Cosmetic cream above all, moisturizing and soothing, suitable for sensitive, dry and damaged skin, even in frequent applications, even in supported and insistent massages, such as palpate-rolling.

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Crème équilibrante et harmonisante du rythme organique et physiologique

Vata Body Cream tient son nom de son pouvoir équilibrant du dosha vata.

Naturellement hydratante, nourrissante et drainante par sa formule exclusive, onctueuse pour une application sur le corps en massage, elle réhydrate la peau et réactive les flux circulatoires pour harmoniser le système biologique de la peau, qu’elle raffermit, revitalise et rééquilibre en profondeur, y compris dans les zones les plus sensibles.

Un dosha vata équilibré redonne enthousiasme, impulsions et créativité.

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Soft and creamy bar with generous ingredients selected to cleanse the skin, nourish and hydrate it deeply. Embellished with purifying and fragrant essential oils.

For the washing of the face and the washing of the hands, that contributes to maintain in good state.

Use cleverly as a shaving soap for its moisturizing power, good glide and hydration it brings to the skin after shave.

Ideal for daily showering and bathing, where it usually involves the subsequent application of a moisturizing body cream.

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Healing and moisturizer balm for damaged, dehydrated, and torn skin.

Creamy thick balm to nourish and soften the driest parts of the body : elbows, knees, legs, ankles, feet … whatever the skin type. To apply in long light massages, the evening before bedtime.

In cold weather and windy days, protect the most exposed areas from dehydration : hands, wrists, feet… Suitable for face and neck, in addition to a rich face cream. To apply in penetrating massages, before facing the harsh climate.

It also comforts with its warm scents of bitter almond, tonka and ylang-ylang.

An all natural, quick and easy care, with its thick texture and convenient pot to take anywhere.

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Body oil, extremely moisturizing and intense rejuvenating treatment for all skin types.

Care of intense hydration and deep regeneration. To apply regularly as beauty treatment of the skin, to give it sweetness and softness. To be used as a prolonged skin care tratment in the extreme situations of neglected skin and hyper-dry body areas.

Applies preferably after the bath or shower, by careful massages, with particular emphasis on the driest areas.

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