Night & Day / Oily to very oily skin

Oily treatment for excessively oily skin and acne prone without drying.

Purifying facial oil for excessively oily skin, acne prone. Purifies them naturally. Leaves a neutral lipid film that protects them from dehydration, oxidation and other agression.

Daily care for sensitive skins that need to be effectively hydrated and regularly free of impurities.

Leaves after use a clean and matte appearance, does not require any subsequent application, neither moisturizing nor mattifying care.

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Soft and creamy bar with generous ingredients selected to cleanse the skin, nourish and hydrate it deeply. Embellished with purifying and fragrant essential oils.

For the washing of the face and the washing of the hands, that contributes to maintain in good state.

Use cleverly as a shaving soap for its moisturizing power, good glide and hydration it brings to the skin after shave.

Ideal for daily showering and bathing, where it usually involves the subsequent application of a moisturizing body cream.

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