Stella Giordanengo

The person behind SAMA is a woman, Stella.

Born close the mediterranean sea in the south of France, a physicist and chemist, Stella has been nourished by professional experiences in perfumery and cosmetics around the world, working for great compagnies.

In her career, Stella has also acquired a much more sacred personal experience. She discovered other beauty and skin care cultures, and introduced herself to most traditional medicines. Stella spend many years in Brazil and Morocco, where she met the Amazon and Berber populations, studying their care practices, including shamanism and use of medicinal plants. In the same way she traveled to China, India, Tibet and the Himalayas to learn and contemplate.

Stella decides to dedicate herself to the true relationship that, she has with Nature since childhood, as a vocation. Driven by her knowledge of plants and the sacred, a bit magician, she sees the perfume as a spiritual link between visible and invisible, which gives access to deep perceptions to guide us to ourselves.

Stella is now resided in the Gorges du Tarn where she leads a live faithful to herself and turned towards the other.