SAMA creates and produces exceptional personalized perfumes.

These perfumes are in harmony with the soul. The creation process begins with a personalized interview, a consultation in which Stella will take into account the nature of the soul, its genealogy and its latent potential, which will give a boost to the consultant thanks to an alchemy and other methods put to contribution (like the tarot and its symbolic, the alignment of the chakras, the Chinese medicine, and the yi jing).

Plants are the magnets and companions of our ways of life. Once assembled, their scent will resonate with the astrological map, like a talisman.

It is from this return to the original matrix which knows the archetypal plan of the soul on Earth that Stella will assemble the essences, therefore their vibrations, which will answer to the subtle necessities of the soul.

Stella’s perfumes are composed exclusively of natural ingredients (essential oils, macerates, resins etc.). They harmonize our exchanges and increase our influence.

Sama also applies this process of creation to Houses wishing to develop their olfactory signature, as much for a perfume worn as for a perfume of atmosphere.

The Earth on which we walk is similar to our physical body, and as he, it has its subtle bodies, she joins the sun as well as the other planets. All the planets by their subtle body can communicate between them and make exchanges. All the planets are connected with specific plants. Planets represent a body and the sun is the heart which makes them live. The solar system represents a being with its organs where, as in our body nothing is separated, all the organs live and work in permanent communication. It is this connection which explains, as teaches him the astrology, thus influence of the planets of the plants on creatures.

Thus the Earth is one of organs of this big body which is our solar system. The man living on the Earth undergoes the influence of all the planets. He is also in connection with plants, minerals and metals which are a part of the Earth.

Your flavor has to be the reflection of the influence of these plants with the vibration which those this can confer you to evolve. Your flavor consists of extracts of macérats, essential oil, biological or wild resins. The flask is also a flask personalized and cut in the hand in the crystal, its symbolism and its color will depend on its composition.

In reality the Earth possesses the same structure as the man. The man is established of 7 bodies, if we stop in the physical body, we are far from knowing the human being in its entirety. It is necessary to study in the ethical, astral, mental domains, causal, boudhique and atmique. The flavor is the link between the physical body and these subtle bodies.

It is said “Be yourself self-aware and you will know the Universe and the Gods”. Because the universe of the men was created on the same model. It is the real limitation to look only at the visible physical body.

The flavor is the link between the visible and the invisible, it spreads the other perceptions allowing to exceed 5 senses and to reach the wealth, the magnificence, the immensity, the infinity of the creation. All the beings of working light

Testimony :

I waited to be in a moment of inner peace to share and limit the intervention of thought. Because by thought we can not feel the connection to nature and the energy of life and so it would be impossible to talk about Sama perfumes.

In fact, the essence of Sama perfumes can not be perceived by thought, which I consider as a meaning, nor by our senses. It must be in the being. We must accept that we are part of a whole. It’s a perfume that you have to learn to receive …

It is not a perfume of consumption but of acceptance.

In its design, it is a very simple mechanics. Stella uses the matrix energy of nature and projects it through compositions like a mirror of frequencies that vibrates at the level of being and more of the ego … We are no longer a product but a part of everything.

By relying on nature without modifying it and respecting it deeply, Stella allows us to be connected to a sample of this matrix energy. Faced with this sample extracted from our original source, each of us will begin his journey …

If the conceptual mechanics are simple, the realization is more delicate. It is a holistic process that requires total letting go because work is done to be and not to thought.

Philippe G.