Steve Shehan

Steve Shehan, essential composer and percussionist, signed here a new challenge: “Hang with you”, (release oct 14th) a new adventure around the Hang “pan drum” instrument, a surprising acoustic innovation of the 21st century!
He is also surrounded by prestigious guests such as Golshifteh Farahani, Ibrahim Maalouf, Baly Othmani, Peter Herbert, Charles Lucas, Didier Malherbe, Ugo Rabec, Vladiswar Nadishana, Charlotte Castellat, Nicolas Genest, as well as musicians of the Mauritanian desert, Kabul and pygmies of Gabon, who, beyond their friendship, bring a unique and original flavor.

A universal and eclectic musician whose percussions were required by the largest artists of the scene rock’n’roll, world, Anglo-Saxon and French song. He took part in many albums and collaborated in studio and on stage with artists as famous as Bob Dylan – Paul Simon – Paul McCartney – Peter Gabriel – Zazie – Carla Bruni – Khaled – Lokua Kanza – Magma – Stéphane Eicher – Liane Foly – the Gipsy King – Renaud – Cheb Mami – Arthur H – Salif Keita – Youssou N’dour – Véronique Sanson – l’Orchestre National de Lille (Jean-Claude Casadessus) – Louis Chédid – Didier Lockwood – Jon Hassell – Rokia Traoré – Nitin Sawhney – John Mc Laughlin…

An atypical route for this composer born in the United States, of a Cherokee father and a Irish mother and for whom the music is a mode of communication between peoples whatever is their language (tongue), their culture, their religion.

Steve Shehan composed and produced personally 20 albums on about twenty five years, soundtracks of films: Bye Bye / Karim Dridi, Le maître des éléphants / Patrick Grandperret, notably participated in Kirikou & L’amant.

He signed in 2009 a challenge with Nabil Othmani: Awalin, (my promise), an album born from his encounter with the Tuareg musician Nabil Othmani, son of late great poet of the desert, Baly Othmani.

In 2006, his album “Elevations” was realized in association with the singer, musician and Iranian painter Reza Derakshani, taken out in June, 2006, was selected by FIP in 2006. The duet already occurred on stage repeatedly notably in one “live at FIP” in November, 2006 and in February 2007 at the Sunset in Paris.

He accomplished, cosigned and produced “Assikel, from Bali to Baly” which is the illustration in music and images of Steve Shehan’s journey from Bali, the Indonesian Island to Baly, the ‘blue man’, seeking his identity. Baly passed away June 18th 2005. It is as an homage to his souvenir and to fulfill his dream and his commitment that Steve Shehan decided to produce this album, a tribute to this great poet of the desert. The documentary movie retraces a quest for identity, achieved through and thanks to music. Shot in the Sahara, in Paris and in New York, containing numerous archive materials, this documentary includes about twenty testimonies of individuals who met and influenced Steve Shehan’s life one way or another.

He is one of the 3 members of the Hadouk Trio whom was awarded by the “Victoires de la Musique” (music victory award), the best jazz group of year 2007. All his discography is available on