My walk to the discovery of my soul …

October 2016, magazine l’Inexploré. I read an article which calls me from its title : « The perfume is linked to the soul ».

On my spiritual opening journey, I find myself caught up in the face of this woman, Stella Giordanengo, and a few sentences that touch me in full force: “… perfume can give access to other states of consciousness, revive memories and make us evolve “.

Since my childhood, the smells have spoken to me. The flowers are my friends, the trees my pillars, plants restore me, nature is an integral part of my whole being. So that is to say how much Stella’s work calls me.

After a first contact, we can not be more impacting, as our connection is obvious, I find myself propelled, I so homebody in my village of Yvelines, at the other end of France in Rivière sur Tarn, in the so enchanting and olfactory world of Stella.

Three days of smiles, laughs, tears, emotions, cuddles and shamanic initiation. Everything is symbolic, everything is in the subtle, everything is vibration. In short, everything is Divine.

From our exchanges, to the alchemical process, to the walk, between two showers, in the valleys, to the discovery of the hundred fragrances, chosen via my astral theme and other research of Stella, to create what will be My perfume. All is liberation, revelation, evidence, realization of my innermost self.

From the sweetness of Stella, to her free talks, sometimes scratching, but so just to allow me to stay on my right path, a whole cascade of feelings unfolds in me … I learn and accept that I can finally love myself, to honor and to respect me as I have chosen to incarnate myself, in order totally to release all my potential and legitimize myself in sharing, to contribute my share of the heart, to all to each and to advance in Being in full agreement with the Universe and the Divine. Being myself in the moment, and taking the full extent of the “I am” in my totality.

Michèle B.