Committed Gardens

SAMA stocks up rather directly with  organic and natural producers. These are selected on criteria of quality and purity, in particular for essential oil, but also on social and environmental criteria. The complementary(additional) supplies are confided(entrusted) to agents who share the same values and the same ethics.

SAMA works in association with committed and innovating distillers who are eager to protect the craft and traditional methods of manufacturing. SAMA has a chance being able to work with professionals of her region for the supply of raw materials (plant Oil, essential Oil, label …)

For rare and exotic ingredient here are two examples of the commitment of SAMA with the producers. Sandalwood of Australia The sandalwood is one of the most precious aromatic wood to the world, very widely used as incense ceremonial in all Asia. He(it) is so precious as it was over-exploited during centuries, and as the natural resource is endangered in India as in most of the Islands of the Pacific. In Australia, the forests of sandalwood are managed in a long-lasting way in partnership with the native populations. SAMA is the first perfumer to the world to have implemented only essential oil of sandalwood produced unless no tree is brought(shot) down. This essential oil really arises from the distillation of wood fallen from themselves on the ground. The essential oil of sandalwood of Australia is a major constituent(component) of the flavors(perfumes) of SAMA.

Rose and Orange blossom of Afghanistan A Jalalabad, Afghanistan, a festival of patchoune poetry is held every year in the season of blooming of orange trees. One of the founders of SAMA, starts in spring, 2005 a distillery of essential oil. In the surrounding valleys, where during war years pushed poppies to opium, we can now comptempler the pink(roses) in flower and inhale their flavor(perfume).
Essential oil of pink(rose) and orange blossoms is extracted by distillation in the vapor of the fresh(cool) flowers collected(harvested) in the hand, an activity which employs many workforce.

To obtain 1 kg of essential oil, is needed 850 kg of orange blossoms but four tons of pink(roses) in flower.
Except their use in high natural perfume shop, delicate essential oil of pink(rose) and orange blossoms is precious for the beauty of the face. They are considered in particular as their anti-ageing properties. As such, they were selected by SAMA who uses(employs) them on his(her) cosmetics of care, as in his(her,its) flavors(perfumes). So also, the essential oil of orange blossom (aka néroli) is associated with an extract of root of iris to make up(to compose) the floral note(mark) of heart of the Eau de parfum of SAMA ” Garden of Iris “.