About SAMA

The person behind SAMA is a woman, Stella GIORDANENGO, born close the mediterranean sea in the south of France, nourrished with profesional experiences in perfumery and cosmetic worldwide and a personal experience much more sacred. The discoveries of other cultures and skin care used in tribe. During the years Stella has stayed in Brazil for a long period of time, she has met with the berber people of Morocco, studying their use of medicine plants, in the same way as she has visited India, Tibet and the Himalayas to study and contemplate. Stella is now resided in the Gorges du Tarn where she leads a live faithful to herself and turned towards the other.


SAMA’s most important mission is to maintain the energy from the plants, carried by scents, to the human body, making SAMA’s products an imprint of nature itself.

Following the principles of ayurvedic medicine every product is made by caring hands by Stella GIORDANENGO in an idyllic place called « Les Gorges du Tarn » in the south of France. A place filled with the strong energy of fountains, rivers, rocks and mountains.

Each ingredient in every product is carefully selected with love and consciousness, extracted from raw materials of high quality renewable sources, cultured by skilled and passionate people – several of whom friends and acquaintances of SAMA. read more details…

The Danish have understood that SAMA care, both professional and personal, opened them to a genuine life.


SAMA’s products are inspired by the ancient healing traditions of Indian Vedic and Amazonian shamans. The name SAMA itself evokes one of the sacred melodies of the Vedic rituals (Samaveda) and the cosmic dance of the Sufis (Samâ). It also recalls the Arabic word for « sky ». In Sanskrit sama alone means serenity, self-control, and as a prefix means balance, fairness. The logo talks about flowers and cathedrals, it is a “Flower of Life”, a pattern of sacred geometry that represents circles of consciousness spreading through the universe.


SAMA creates and produces personalized perfumes. These are exceptional perfumes, not just because they are unique, because they also have a draw to the soul. The creative process starts with an interview with Stella, a meeting that will be deep, intense and can last for hours, a genuine consultation during which Stella identify patiently, one by one, the disputes traits of the soul of his patient. It is seen from this matrix she will then choose and assemble the essences, whose scents and frequencies meet the expectations, often unconscious, the applicant personalized fragrance.

The perfume of your soul created by Stella

The 100% natural essences of the Perfume allow man to connect with his original nature, his native potential, his own light.
The Earth on which we walk is analogous to our physical body, and like it, it has its subtle bodies, it joins the sun as well as the other planets.
All the planets by their subtle body can communicate with each other and make exchanges.
All planets are connected to specific plants. The planets represent a body and the sun is the heart that makes them live. The solar system represents a being with its organs where, as in our organism nothing is separated, all organs live and work in permanent communication. It is this connection which explains, as is taught by astrology, the influence of planets and therefore of plants on creatures.
The Earth is therefore one of the organs of this great body which is our solar system. Man living on Earth is influenced by all planets. It is also related to plants, minerals and metals that are part of the Earth.
Your perfume must reflect the influence of these plants with the vibration that these can give you to evolve.
Your perfume is composed of extracts of macerates, essential oils, biological resins or wild.
The bottle is also a personalized bottle and hand-cut in crystal, its symbolic and its color will depend on its composition.
In reality, the Earth has the same structure as man. Man is made up of 7 bodies, if one stops at the physical body, one is far from knowing the human being in its totality. It is necessary to study in the ethical, astral, mental, causal, boudhic and atmic. Perfume is the link between the physical body and these subtle bodies.
It is said, “Know thyself and thou shalt know the Universe and the Gods.” Because the universe of men was created on the same model. It is a true limitation to look only at the visible physical body.
The perfume is the link between the visible and the invisible, it unfolds the other perceptions that allow us to go beyond the five senses and to reach the richness, the splendor, the immensity, to the infinity of creation. All beings of light working in a vibration higher than the physical and dense Earth, these beings are on vibrational frequencies of a subtle and invisible Earth. The perfume is the link between these two states of distinct vibratory frequencies. It enables us to reach our higher being and to help this invisible part of our true self in order to fulfill our divine destiny.
In the Renaissance the Grandes Dames had their secret perfume composed by associating the plants and the dominant planets of the astral theme and their morphology.

I use the astral theme as well as the synergy of minerals, metals and essential oils to create the perfume.
It will be introduced in the perfume the half precious stone also matching your theme.
You must provide your full name, date of birth and time and place.
First there is an interview and then an olfaction session of maximum two hours.
Then an alchemical sequence will be carried out to clarify certain points of the unfolding of your life.
Your fragrance is delivered within 3 to 4 months of the meeting, the time to let the alchemy of the essences operate.
I can also make the body cream in harmony with the Perfume. As well as face cream depending on skin type.

A chosen flavor can help create a favorable terrain, perfumes stimulate the dynamic and positive aspects of a being by vibratory resonance effect.

Each fragrance must be unique and personal to resonate with the individual’s uniqueness and integrity, bodily, psychically and energetically.
Perfume is the subtle nourishment both for the body’s organs and also for the functions of the soul Fragrances based on essential oils transform and harmonize our odor and balance our exchanges with our entourage.
The perfume increases our radiance therefore promotes according to the laws of attraction what we should have.
The alchemists use another language, he speaks of “fixing the volatile” by retaining what by definition escapes: the volatile, the spirit.
But to fix the volatile, the Cosmic Spirit, we must condense it, materialize it, and this is possible only on condition of working at the same time on the inverse process, ie “volatilizing the fixed” rendering subtle what is material As long as one is concerned only with the physical body, coarse, thick and impure, it can not vibrate in unison with the mind and retain it. The perfume volatilizes the fixed, it spiritualizes the physical body.The Grail Cup is the symbol of the human being who has succeeded in attracting and fixing the spirit within him. Man must work his own matter. The greatest achievement that the human being can achieve is to unite the lower self to the higher self.

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Stella also creates and produces for others companies, natural perfumes, natural cosmetics and any other natural formulations, including particularly the olfactory signatures.

SAMA’s creations are made on specifications and can be exclusive according to preliminary agreement.

Perfumes are the inalienable property of SAMA. The rights on cosmetics and preparations are potentially transferable.

Founder of SAMA, Sandrine is an independent and unique perfume creator. Sandrine prepares herself, by hand, concentrated perfume and cosmetic oils to keep the essential vibrations alive throughout the difficult process leading to the bottle delivered to the consumer.

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