Violet, high protection

Since the heyday of Egyptian civilization, Man appreciates the special protective properties of purple glass. At that time, valuable natural essences and remedies were stored in purple glass and gold containers.

From the time of the alchemists of the Middle Ages, everything also suggests that this particular property of violet glass was already known. With the industrialization and the arrival of new packaging materials, purple glass has been gradually abandoned in the last century.

That’s why Sama chose purple glass jars for its cosmetic range to ensure maximum protection.

Chive conservation test coated glass, white, green and brown glass allow the rays of visible and invisible light to pass through and do not provide sufficient protection against light-induced degradation processes. In a 3-month experiment, several preparations of herbs and spices placed in different types of glass (white, brown, violet) were exposed to the sun or kept indoors for several hours each day. After 2 months, the quality of the preparations was determined from visible changes in photographs, and the odor change was determined during a blind trial with volunteers. The illustration clearly shows that chive samples kept in the sun in brown and white glass have faded. On the contrary, this photograph shows that the sample preserved in violet glass shows no change in color. In the olfactory test too, the chive preserved in purple glass presented a considerably stronger and fresh smell.

(Dr. Niggli und Dr. Max Bracher)

Likewise with crystals of water molecules

From left to right: 7 days and 74 days in purple glass – brown glass – white glass