The poetic word of SAMA

There is no one, at least in appearance : a bluish light, bright silence, and moss, green, everywhere.

A drop of water bead of a root, slides on the floor and dissolves in humus.

A translucent and light throttle through the space and goes to rest on the unique flower within reach : pink and yellow, the corolla slender, a lotus.

A soft warm breeze rocks the fern leaves scattered on all sides, one from disorderly, diffuse.

A cradle, a green, a lap : life, beauty.

The time has no object, the world stopped. Energy is also in motion, it is in the moment.

A ray of sunlight pierces the canopy of trees and is lost in the teeming diversity that warms the way, its vibration, its heartbeat, its gaiety. It crosses antlers, bounces on a trunk, disperses into the air, into a thousand pieces of benevolent fire.

A discreet breeze rustles some branches, raising a little dust, releases a clarity island that did not exist until then, immediately assailed many curious.

Birdsong then resonates in this Eden forgotten; crystal-clear, joyful, catchy and original : a carefree message and also of joy.

There is no one, at least you think, because your eyes do not have any typed : track of your steps, the shadow of your figure, your quiet breathing.

Because you have entered into this paradise.

For you are the heart of this energy.

For you are the soul will reveal the magic.

An angel, a guardian, a child of the world, its treasures.

You are not alone, ever, but mingled with everything you are going through. You are the master and the custodian, to share, preserve it.

You sit down on a stump, you put your hands on the wood. You feel its silky sheen, contemplate its amber color.

You raise your head and let your gaze be lost in the foliage. Curious and distracted, curious and confident.

Then you smile, surprised, and even laugh suddenly, you realize that all is well.

There are more human, animal or plant : it remains that the entire universe.

And peace restored.