SAMA : care of yourself

Using SAMA enriches your everyday life with a beautiful ritual, an expression of  respect and love to yourself. With every drop you will hold nature in your hands, connecting to the essence, the vibration, the spirit of the plant. It will find its own way of meeting your needs, as well as helping you to thrive in everyday. SAMA product is an elixir for the soul, nutrition for the heart, a support for the mind. Also SAMA supports femininity in all its aspects, connecting each woman with nature wherever she is. The frequency of each essences will create an effect physically and mentally, inspiring for a return to a more basic way of life in closer contact with the universe.

Each product is conceived with a consciousness for the detail which we believe should also to be applied to life at large. Using SAMA will support your self-esteem and inspire other parts of your life, encouraging you to eat a healthy diet and conduct a edifying lifestyle, making you a stronger and more beautiful person.

SAMA’s name comes from the Samavédas, vedic initiatory songs which used to orally passed on from father to son and ever written down, to preserve the vibrational part of communication. SAMA is the first of the six virtues of Jnana Yoga, that is one on the four main paths of yoga and the most direct road to reach the goal described in the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta : self realization.

The tradition is reflected in the arabic name Samaâ’ meaning heaven and also spiritual incantatory practices and Sufi dances, during which hearts are exposed to the shine of the divine light.

The holy persian poet Rumî said on XIII century : « Sama is the way, a door towards the sky, ô Sama who is the birds’ wings and feathers of the soul. Hearts became sublimated by the Sama, they are as upset as the clouds of spring ».

However SAMA Sanskrit means calmness, tranquility, control of the mind : ability to keep the mind within and unaffected by external world.