Night face care / All skin types

Sacred essential oils for complete ritual night skin care based on 23 precious plants ingredients.

Vegetable oils are virgin, cold-pressed, unrefined. They have kept their exceptionally high natural rate of essential fatty acids (omega 3-6-9) and all their vitamins. SÉRUM SACRÉ is based on an harmonious combination of 10 essential oils and combines the following properties: moisturizing, nourishing, softening, antioxidant, antiradical, cell regenerating, cicatrizing, circulatory, protective, tonifying.

The fresh vanilla pods and iris roots are gently macerated for long period in precious oils, it provides on top an all set of moisturizing and softening properties.

SÉRUM SACRÉ also contains the most precious essential oils, including rose, neroli, frankincense, and cistus. They generate all together a synergy with various properties, both physiological (healing, revitalizing, regenerating) and psychoactive (anxiolytic and antidepressant).


SÉRUM SACRÉ is a ritual. Composed of sacred plants from various cultural backgrounds all over the world, it invites the woman to ritualize her own beauty, to take time and  take care of herself.

Rose represents love, purity and regeneration. It removes away with negative emotions in order to better focus on joy and harmony.

Patchouli fights fear and instills confidence, sensuality and fantasy.

Ylang-Ylang wakes passions and helps one to enjoy every aspect of life.

Carrot seed essential oil helps one reach balance and let go of control.

Cistus essential oil is a healer of wounds, either physical, psychological or spiritual.  It enables to be more relaxed, more tolerant otowards oneself and warmer towards others.

30 ml – 1 oz

Use: In the evening on perfectly cleansed skin and clean hands. Shake before use. Apply in massage according to Ayurvedic rites: 

1. Pour 3 drops of oil into the hollow of the palm of your left hand, then take some of this oil with the fingertips of your right hand. 

2. Make 7 circles clockwise with the palm of your left hand on the middle of the forehead. 

3. Then spread the oil of the fingers of the right hand on the eye area, gently tap around both eyes simultaneously with the fingers and spread the rest of the oil on the face to proceed with the massage. 

4. Take 3 drops of oil on the fingers. 

5. Place the fingers between the two eyes and stretch the skin following the eyebrows, passing over the temples and the ear lobes. Repeat the movement 7 times. 

6. Layer the two index fingers along the nose, nails up, and stretch the skin on each side of the nose on the cheekbones and up to the temples. repeat 7 times. 

7. Then with the index finger and middle finger, place the fingers on each side between the nose and the middle of the upper lip and stretch the skin from the cheeks to the ears. Repeat 7 times. 

8. Same movement from the center of the chin between the lower lip and the chin by spreading the skin well with the index finger and the middle finger to raise the cheeks towards the ears. Repeat 7 times. 

9. Pour another 3 drops of oil into the palm of your hands, then massage the cheeks simultaneously with the palms in circular motion. The circles start from the mouth, go up to the cheekbones, then go down to the ears and the maxillae. Make 7 circles. 

10. Finally place both palms under the chins and then raise both hands by stroking the face with the entire surface of the hand on each side of the nose to the forehead; separate both hands between the two eyes and stretch the skin to the top of the ears. Repeat 3 times. 

11. Close your eyes and in silence, let yourself be overwhelmed by a minute of serenity.

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