Annick Le Guerer talk about Sama

Like the precious stones and crystals that have the power, recognized today, to spread luminous vibrations, the perfume diffuses around us waves. It puts us in a state of deep resonance with our self and with what surrounds us.

Fragrances also have an effect on our emotional, psychic and spiritual state. Physiochemical analyzes show the links between health and olfaction. As the sense of smell is directly related to the limbic system on which our emotions depend, it is easy to understand that the inhalation of high quality essential oils allows the rebalancing of our affects. Fear, stress, lack of self-confidence, anger, difficulty concentrating can be dissolved in this way.

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Deep moisturizing and nourishing face cream for everyday and whatever skin type. Its regular use maintains health and tonicity of the skin, it preserves the face, the neck and the décolleté from the signs of the time.

Delicately tinted, its looks good, brings light and shine to the complexion. Crème Rose is precious when the days are short or the sky is cloudy, but also under the gloomy lights of offices, shops or other closed places.

In intense use, Rose Teintée is able to quickly regenerate stressed skin, restore their health and beauty, with the added brillance of a ray of sunshine.

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Natural brightening care and complexion regulator, reduces skin pigmentation spot.

Serum Bright is a luxury beauty oil  for all skins tending to uneven and scalable pigmentation, sensitive to sun exposure or the effects of age.

Regulates skin pigmentation by naturally modulating melanin production. At the same time, it stimulates deep regeneration of the skin, which makes it firmer and more toned.

In regular care, gradually reduces dark spots, fades skin marks and  irregularities and helps to even out the complexion.

Serum Bright restores radiance to the face, with a smoother, brighter, more radiant complexion.

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Ultra sensitive skin mask, restores radiance to the face by removing impurities from the skin.

Gentle purifying mask for frequent use for delicate skin, with vegetable oils and soothing flowers.

Mask for sensitive skin, naturally restores radiance to the face by cleaning and softening the skin.

Gently removes impurities from delicate skin, sanitizes and hydrates them while respecting their balance. The face regains all its natural glow.

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Ultra moisturizing and protective lip care.

Ultra-moisturizing balm that protects the lips and the contour of the mouth during cold periods, Lip Balm also protects against dehydration caused by heat and wind, such as at sea or in deserts.

To use without reserving, especially in dry weather, where its omega-7 rich sea buckthorn oil, makes it incomparable to fight against the dehydration of the mucous membranes which are naturally wet.

Powerful repairing treatment for cracks, crevices and other breaks in the skin and mucous membranes.

Cute and discreet in its little pot, Lip Balm is carried everywhere with you. Leaves after application a sweet and comforting oriental scent.

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Draining and regenerating cream.

Ultra regenerating and draining body cream for all skin that is sluggish or distressed. Particularly suitable for skin under stress, very sensitive, very dry, or damaged.

Rich and creamy, Ultra Rich Body is applied on the body in gentle massage to firm the skin, while revitalizing it in depth, including the most sensitive areas. Beyond its ultra regenerating and draining power, it is also a rich moisturizing body cream.

Ultra Body Cream is an exceptional cream by the natural substances that compose it and they have been chosen and assembled to offer a synergy of specially targeted actions.

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SAMA creates and produces exceptional personalized perfumes.

These perfumes are in harmony with the soul. The creation process begins with a personalized interview, a consultation in which Stella will take into account the nature of the soul, its genealogy and its latent potential, which will give a boost to the consultant thanks to an alchemy and other methods put to contribution (like the tarot and its symbolic, the alignment of the chakras, the Chinese medicine, and the yi ching).

Plants are the magnets and companions of our ways of life. Once assembled, their scent will resonate with the astrological map, like a talisman.

It is from this return to the original matrix which knows the archetypal plan of the soul on Earth that Stella will assemble the essences, therefore their vibrations, which will answer to the subtle necessities of the soul.

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Committed Gardens

SAMA stocks up rather directly with organic and natural producers. These are selected on criteria of quality and purity, in particular for essential oil, but also on social and environmental criteria. The complementary(additional) supplies are confided(entrusted) to agents who share the same values and the same ethics.

SAMA works in association with committed and innovating distillers who are eager to protect the craft and traditional methods of manufacturing. SAMA has a chance being able to work with professionals of her region for the supply of raw materials (plant Oil, essential Oil, label …)

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Crème équilibrante et harmonisante du rythme organique et physiologique

Vata Body Cream tient son nom de son pouvoir équilibrant du dosha vata.

Naturellement hydratante, nourrissante et drainante par sa formule exclusive, onctueuse pour une application sur le corps en massage, elle réhydrate la peau et réactive les flux circulatoires pour harmoniser le système biologique de la peau, qu’elle raffermit, revitalise et rééquilibre en profondeur, y compris dans les zones les plus sensibles.

Un dosha vata équilibré redonne enthousiasme, impulsions et créativité.

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