Purifying Spirit

This powerful complex of multiple essential oils will help you purify the environment in which you evolve both physically and on all other levels. It will allow you to easily find the necessary alignment to your practices (yoga, Qi Gong, meditation …)

The essential oil of woody Bupleurum is detoxifying (detoxifies the cells of the body), it stimulates the whole metabolism, tonic, its action is positive on the psyche. Extremely purifying it allows to clean old memories.

Sage officinale takes its scientific name, Salvia, from the Latin salvare, which means “to heal”, it reconnects us to the wisdom of our ancestors and strengthens the connection with the different plans. It is a purifying and liberating oil of the spirit and the environment, allowing it to adapt easily to energy changes.

The Noble Laurel brings strength and courage. Braided wreaths of laurel leaves were offered to “winning poets” and victorious athletes during the Olympic Games of ancient times. It is soothing, tranquilizing, harmonizing, balancing and toning. One of the best essential oils to promote concentration and self-confidence at all times.

The deep scent of Vetiver, rich and sensual is a panacea for stress and daily tension. It is an oil that promotes rooting, it connects the heart to the sacred rhythmic cycles of Nature. It is very appreciated for these comforting, reassuring, nourishing and recognized virtues to promote joy.

The sweet, balsamic and vanilla scent of Benzoin calms and energizes the mind. It was very used by ancient civilizations including Egyptian embalming, in religious rituals for its virtues on the emotional, inner peace, connection with the gods and its disinfecting power. It cleanses and purifies the ambient air.

Ceylon Cinnamon is one of the oldest spices known to man. It is a sacred oil known for its medicinal properties. Cinnamon is, with myrrh, one of the spices that the Book of Kings holds for the perfume intended for the High Priest and the Ark. The Lord says, “Take eight hundred shekels of cinnamon. You will make an oil of holy anointing, an odoriferous mixture as it is composed by the perfumer. ”

The powerful and voluptuous scent of Ylang Ylang, meaning flower of flowers, awakens the senses, soothes anger and brings sweetness to life. It is a powerful stimulant that boosts tired organisms. Ylang Ylang’s regulating effects on heart rate also help to calm anxiety attacks or excessive stress.

The sagebrush was named after the goddess Artemis, protector of the virgins. She is known for increasing psychic and mediumistic powers.

All of these oils share expectorant properties, anti-bacterial, antiviral, antifungal, nerve balancing, antalgic and antinevralgic antispasmodic, decongestant lymphatic and nerve, anti-inflammatory.

In fumigation they will deeply purify the body, mind and environment in which you live.