Loup des Steppes

LOUP DES STEPPES starts with fresh top notes of lemon and ginger, and then reveals a leather and amber base.


  • Vetiver from Madagascar
  • Australian Sandalwood
  • Cedarwood from Morocco
  • Ginger from Madagascar


LOUP DES STEPPES is linked to the earth element. Ginger and vetiver roots make it a grounding perfume. It makes men – and women alike – re-connect with their instinctive strengths.

In its natural state, the vetiver grass develops a deep and strong root network. Its essential oil is known as grounding, it gives people courage and helps them realize their dreams.

The cedar tree symbolizes strength, courage, dignity and spiritual greatness. Cedarwood essential oil instills self confidence and develops perseverance.

Ginger is a rhizome, meaning an underground reserve of energy. It is stimulant, energetic and tonic.

100 ml

50 ml

15 ml