Lily Fiori

Eau de Parfum

LILY FIORI is a joyous dance in fields of wild flowers where the scent of lilies and violets overwhelm.


  • Vetiver from Madagascar
  • Lily from Spain
  • Jasmine from Egpt
  • Amyris from Haiti


Helps to overcome emotional and spiritual wounds, and has subtle healing properties for the body.

Develops intuition and purifies intention.
Vetiver : A root that is deep, rich and sensual, it’s a panacea for stress and anchoring.

Amyris : Woody scent , tenacious, creates a warm atmosphere, calmes and provides a comforting feeling of well being.

Lily : The divine connection, purity, seeking elevation and acceptance of the abstract.

Jasmine : Activates the root chakra, gives a moral boost, transmits warmth, strength, energy and courage.

15 ml