Jardin d’Iris

Eau de Parfum

JARDIN D’IRIS tames down to a lasting sweet powdery accord of sandalwood, vanilla and iris, after a musky top note.


  • Iris from Morocco
  • Spikenard / Jatamansi from Nepal
  • Orange Blossom from Afghanistan
  • Sandalwood from Australia
  • Vanilla from Madagascar


JARDIN D’IRIS is where sky and earth meet, where feminine and masculine rejoin and melt into love, beauty and harmony.

Iris root combats sadness and anxiety. Its scent is both strong and subtle, it addresses our souls and spirits, and helps reconcile opposites.

Spikenard, also known as “jatamansi”, is a wild Himalayan root. It brings a feeling of comfort and safety. It helps centering oneself and finding peace with oneself and others.

Orange blossom unlocks crises, heals psychological shocks, promotes vitality and joy.

Sandalwood is known to appease nervousness, calms aggression and opens one’s heart.

100 ml
50 ml
15 ml