Deva des fleurs

Eau de Parfum

DEVA DES FLEURS is a fresh and chic blend of vanilla, frankincense and ylang-ylang.


  • Vanilla from Madagascar
  • Frankincense from Somalia
  • Ylang-ylang from Madagascar
  • Sandalwood from Australia


DEVA DES FLEURS is linked to the celestial world. It strikes a sensitive chord and supports the feminine and creative side of each and every individual. It teaches us to trust our intuition.

Vanilla, a holy plant of the ancient Mayan people, is a superb orchid vine. It naturally speaks of voluptuous delights, purity and softness. Frankincense is the traditional resin burnt as ceremonial incense. Frankincense essential oil helps getting rid of obsessive behavior and fear of the future. Ylang-Ylang is the flower of the feminity. It fights anger and frustration, develops intuition and creativity, and paves the way for extraversion and sensuality. Sandalwood essential oil is known to appease nervousness, calms aggression and opens one’s heart.

100 ml
50 ml
15 ml