SAMA … seen by a poet

A water drop pearls from sky and releases his eternal blessings. A soft crystal that glides over the skin, a welcome and caress an echo. A fragrance that fills the space and gives you back your place.

All senses to rediscover nature and its wonders.

This place is nowhere, in the heart of the constellations and galaxies. It is partly because it is in our lives. It is vital, because it is the only worthwhile. It is generous and sweet, because it is in us.

We must dare to go there and to rest. Admit our existence consists only of excess. Hear that our bodies can no longer be ignored as well. Decide that it is time to listen and offer what makes us tick, a deserved break, a perfect care, an ideal balm, all that will energize us and give us the strength to regenerate.

Then resume the course of our lives, but light and serene. Provide the same advice, the same supporters, those who helped us, finally.

Then return often in this haven of peace, bursting wealth of Earth and Water, Light also to mingle with the huge and generous universe : our beauty revealed.

Laurent Hellot alias Laurent des Bois –

SAMA in a nutshell

SAMA is a startup company that specialises in hand-made botanical skin care products and perfumes, centered on Ayurveda healing, Amazonian shamanic medicine, and European aromatherapy. SAMA’s creations are made from the finest essential and vegetable oils, and more generally noble botanicals. All raw materials are natural, organic or wild, others are categorically banned.

SAMA focuses on combining the powerful properties of the plant extracts in order to develop a large range of 100%-natural skin care balms, creams, lotions, milks, serums for face, body and hair, rich soaps and luxurious perfumes. Every formulation developed by SAMA yields optimal benefits to cleanse, refine, relax, re-mineralize, nurture or soothe the skin, and to prevent aging.

At SAMA, we believe that information on how to use our products is absolutely essential in order to obtain maximum benefits and to develop a greater customer experience. Therefore, SAMA drives its sales strategy through partners who are specifically trained to accurately deliver the statement of benefits and advise on the recommended use for each product. SAMA’s sales partners include spas, beauty salons and skin-care institutes, as well as retailers specialising in high-end organic and ethical fragrances and cosmetics. The founder of SAMA personally runs workshops with partners, to provide them with the appropriate training with respect to the use of the products. Such training sessions also bring key insights into SAMA’s brand positioning, values and unique proposition, with a view to fostering end-consumer satisfaction and loyalty and to enabling sales development.

SAMA’s products are based on a deep understanding of aromatherapy and are inspired by the ancient healing traditions of Indian Vedic and Amazonian shamans. The name SAMA itself means serenity in Sanskrit and evokes one of the sacred melodies of the Vedic rituals (Samaveda), while it means in Arabic sky (Sama’) and refers also to the cosmic dance of the Sufis.


SAMA emphasises the sourcing of natural ingredients and is committed to providing highly-effective compounds and delivering the highest quality standards. At SAMA, we select herbal ingredients grown organically in the most suitable locations around the world, harvested at their maturity peak and when the concentration in active ingredients reaches its highest levels.

Raw materials are natural extracts of flowers, leaves, wood, bark, roots, resins, fruits and spices. They are harvested by organic farms or in the wild with full respect for nature, traditions and local populations.

SAMA’s products are filled with the energy of sunshine, air, rain and soil. SAMA strives to preserve the energy and the purity of botanicals all the way, from the plant extract to the finished product.

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